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A few days ago I found out, that some English speaking human beings are reading this Blog too, so I decided to write English Posts from Time-to-time. This does not mean that this Blog will be completely in English, but there will be some Posts, and I  think it can be really interesting to see the changes in my English over the next few months, but lets start with the real subject of this Post : The Irish folk.

About one and a half months ago, I arrived in Ireland and since  then I made some experiences with this folk. First of I want to tell you about the accent. By now I know that you cant say there is a special 'Irish' accent, as in the Region where I live the accent is quite different to the one in Dublin for example, even though Dublin is only 80 km's away. I live in the County Cavan, to be more precise close to a town called Virginia and for my feeling the accent here is quite recognizable.
The living example for this is my Maths Teacher, as I failed to understand him approximately the first 2 Weeks. You have to Imagine that the Accent sounds ,to be honest, a bit lazy, instead of three they pronounce a tree and in general the wonderful 'th'-sound we had to learn Germany so hard, is used seldom in Ireland, they prefer more the 't'-sound instead. In addition, they mix   Irish (Gaelic-Language) with English, I found out about that, after a girl from my School came and asked me : 'Where is the Craic?'(Little did I know...) . Craic means something like Fun/Joy, instead of small they use often words like wee and last but not least Éire means Ireland. 

On top of  this comes the Irish Lifestyle. It took me a while to comfort with this kind of Lifestyle. The Irish are never in Rush...really never ! In the Supermarket the Cashier does his thing, and he does not care about tempo, really not a small bit. I know by now that it is a typical German thing, that the Cashier is doing as fast as he can, but really there is no need in sleeping while scanning your Items.
In school its the same,they get a few weeks for Projects I finish in one hour, as a foreigner. But I have to admit sometimes the calm lifestyle is kinda nice, there is so much less pressure in School and the Irish People are really plain about foreigners, it wasn't hard at all, finding friends in this School :D

To conclude this Post , I can say, the Irish Lifestyle is completely different to the German  one, but that's the reason why I am here. Exchange is about leaving your Comfort Zone and getting to know other Cultures and I can just recommend to everyone who has this opportunity, to do an exchange year, maybe even to Ireland. 
Last but not least I want to let you know, that I am of course no language expert and what I said about the Irish Lifestyle is of course Stereotyped, but even though, it fits on most sitution I had and not everyone is like that. This post is not meant to be up-setting, so try to see it as entertainment.


Song of the Week: This Town.

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