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Hi Guys,
So I decided to do another post in English, as my last English Post is already about 2 months old. How fast time goes by. If you want to, you can compare my English; tell me if you realize any difference! If you want more Posts in English, please leave me and comment with Ideas. One more Information: I decided doing the Post on the Irish People in February again, so I can tell you guys, if I realized more stuff about them. So now to the actual Post, I am going to do the Exchange Student Tag, I hope you enjoy it, feel free to Tag me if you do or did the TAG as well, I love reading about other people’s experience <3  Let’s get started :D

What is your name, age, nationality and company?
My name is Anika, I’m 16 Years old and I am German. I am here with IH Dublin.

Where are you spending your exchange year?
I’m spending it in Ireland, to be more precise in Virginia, a beautiful small village in the County of Cavan.

Why did you decide to be an exchange student?
Yes, that’s a really good question.  I wanted to be an exchange student since I was about nine years of age! I love travelling and I always had really bad “fernweh” (Exactly the opposite of Homesickness, kind of the need to travel) and a year abroad is the best way to get rid of that. I also always loved the Idea of being “multi-Cultural” and as my Parents are both German, my only opportunity to be at least a bit of that was an exchange year. Another reason is that I think nothing can replace the way you develop during a year abroad; don’t even get me started on how good it is for your education and your future. Also, and that’s one of the main reasons,  it’s an experience no one can take from you and no one will ever make the same experience as you do!

What did you think when you first stepped out of the plane?
Actually I didn’t think anything really good, I was just really nervous. But I remember that when I flew we had about 30°C in Germany and about 16° in Ireland so I was first off freezing my ass off. The only real thought I remember was just the fear of not recognizing my Host dad or even worse, not finding him: D

What is the weirdest thing you have tasted so far?
That’s a hard one, I mean I am in a quite different culture so, I knew I am going to taste some pretty weird stuff. But there is the one thing I actually hate and I think it tastes weird: mashed Potatoes. I know everyone is going to go like: WTF, and I knew and ate mashed potatoes many times before, but it is something in the way the Irish make them, that just tastes different.  I also hate Cabbage, I never ate cooked Cabbage before, and I never want to eat it again! It tastes so weird, really disgusting but in a weird way, if you understand what I mean: D

Have you done anything so far that you never thought was possible?
Well, I could go for the standard answer: The Impossible was going here. And I understand why most people answer that, it’s true, if you did that step, nothing seems impossible to you anymore. But I tried finding something else and I actually did: Getting an A in an Exam. Yeah I know it sounds stupid, but the small things can seem so great if you achieve them. I could list many small things like that, but then you would still be sitting here reading tomorrow and I thing you get the Message: D

What has been the biggest challenge so far?
Going through one of the hardest times of my Life, without having my Family and my Friends. No I don’t mean homesickness; I’ve been through a got bit of Shit since I arrived here and the Person who made me go through that, almost achieved that I would not continue my exchange year, but I had amazing Friends here in Ireland helping me through that time and especially one friend and her Host family motivated to continue. If you read the other Post’s I wrote, you’ll know that there will be something extra coming, especially about that time, even though I am not too sure if I am going to write just in German or if I will translate it.  I just want to tell you guys that no matter what happens, it will make you stronger, don’t stop your exchange year, just because some people maybe try to get you to! Destroy what destroys you!

How do you like the school in your host country?
I enjoy school so much! I actually hate missing days in school, just cause School or better TY is so much fun (craic) :D  School in Ireland is a bit easier than in Germany but the Days are a lot longer! In Germany I had about 6-8 Classes every day, here I have 9 Classes every day except Wednesday. 

I have so many subjects, which are completely new for me.  I could not imagine going to school here for my whole school time, but I enjoy this time now a lot!

If your exchange year was a song, what would it be?
I think it would be “Rise” by Katy Perry; this goes out to those people who thought they could break me! This song is about changing; growing w/o losing the connection to your roots and that is what an exchange year is!

How do you imagine the day you are going home?
Don’t remember me, the day I am writing this (20th) I only have 65 Days left till I go home for good! 
It is going to be a mixture of feelings, I mean I miss my friends, my family and the German, so much, but I hate goodbyes. I mean imagine I build a new life up here and then I have to leave it forever! I know that I lose Contact to most people and that I’ll never see most of them again, of course I want to go and visit them, but who knows…

That’s it; those are the entire question from the TAG answered. As I already said, feel free to send me a link if you did the TAG as well and leaf me a comment if you know any of the named things’

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